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Marble fireplaces

Classic surrounds and antique fireplaces in marble or sandstone

Since 1977 ph design trades with and restores antique fireplaces. The company also reproduces antique fireplace surrounds out of marble and sandstone in all styles.

Most of the products are manufactured in our own workshop in Berlin.

If you don’t find your desired fireplace among the listed ones we will be able to manufacture fireplaces based on photos, magazine cuttings, sketches or drawings in various marble and sandstone types.

Our surrounds are individually manufactured, of high quality, and come as required in different sizes.

Please refer to our presentation of original illustrations and antique reproductions of antique fireplace mantles.

Installation Options

Traditionally, a chimney is a handmade, open brick fireplace.
This installation type depends on various installation requirements such as combustion air supply from the outside, smokestack heights and cross sections, etc.

If need be, we can install our surrounds with an insert and a pull-up and swinging door.

There are different types and sizes that are appropriate for your desired fireplace. In a face-to-face meeting we will work out the best solution for you.

Other installation types include the equipment with a gas fire, electric fireplace insert, as well as a bio-alcohol fire.

We are happy to introduce you to the different installation options.

All fireplaces and marble types shown on this website can differ in colour and marbling from real products.